Dining around Santa Cruz

Since Santa Cruz, California is a small, beach-side town, we never had to pay our Lyft drivers a fortune. That meant more money to fill our bellies. Our short commutes also resulted in us often walking. Since Pacific Avenue was the nearest district to our AirBnB, many of our belly-filling adventures revolved around this area….

Exploring Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, California was one of those domestic locations where Hubs and I explored freely without bias. While I wish I could say it was because we just suddenly packed up and flew, the sad truth was our network of friends were East Coasters at heart- the few who even knew the location of Santa…


“I need a small crew tomorrow to bottle up our latest batch from morning until 3pm. Let me know if you can make it.” For four years I’ve received similarly-worded emails from Saint Somewhere Brewing followed by personal frustration. I knew I had to work the next day, or I’d be in a not-so-near location….


Writer’s note: Okayyyy so this vacation actually took place a few months ago (so the weather in Asheville has changed a lot since the time I wrote this). Ah me and my lazy writing. Oh well, I’m still continuing where I left off. Hubs and I are on a mini roadtrip. We’ve already stopped by…