Seasoned pork! Cilantro! Onion! Tomato!… now three of them! ACK the wrapper is too hot. Wait—“dos” orders of “tres” tacos? With my elementary Spanish knowledge failing me, it’s no wonder I was relocated to the back of the stall to work. No customer interaction was needed there. Families and groups streamed by oblivious to my…


This is my time as a volunteer at the ground-breaking Pinellas Hope– the “Tent City” in Pinellas County where the homeless can find a way to get back on their feet. Besides providing food, the grounds of the Hope is scattered with many camping tents where some homeless can sleep for the night.

This wasn’t an eye-opening experience for me since my father dragged me to help the poor since I was little… but it has definitely made me thankful for every bit of comfort I own.