My Lips Have Lips!

Another certainy of my life; along with death and taxes…

(WARNING! Graphic photos ahead)

As I walk along the university, I no longer smile at passing people. When friends greet me I keep my head bowed. It wasn’t until the classroom lights dimmed for a Powerpoint presentation that I dared to raise my head. The reason for my sudden moodiness? COLD SORES!

I first got them two years ago after blatantly ignoring my boyfriend’s warnings and kissing him although he had a sore. One week later, I was freaking out about what the public would think of the mini water balloons on my face. Ah, the ignorance of youth.

Now, I get cold sores twice a year. Naturally, this year’s appearance happened two days before my birthday. I remember admiring my reflection in the mirror on Friday and thinking, “Wow, thank goodness I haven’t gotten those annoying sores that affect the lives of lesser people.” Then BOOM! God pierces my heart with the humility arrow.

And this is how God struck me with humility…

So, here are my cheap methods for keeping the white water balloons under control. These are not hard-core proven, but it’s worked:

     – Alcohol swabs! They sting bad, and it dries out your lips, but perhaps because of the sores drying out, the alcohol may prevent the sores from getting larger. I try and do this every two hours.

     – Blistex! Mine is a few dollars from Wal-mart. It is that little, yellow, platic squeeze-tube with the red cap. After I dry my lips out I swab the skin with this.

     – Don’t touch the thing!

     – After you make yourself some hot tea, take the bag and just keep it on the sores for about 20 minutes. It soothes some sting. You just got tea-bagged!

In addition to the cold sores, early menstrual cramps, and preparing for two projects due the next day, my birthday went very well, thank you. Now, I can only hide in the comforts of my apartment and suck on this tea bag and hopefully those pesky dots from hell will return to its home.

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