That Giraffe Was In the Palm of My Hand

This is why I love my job.

It was a near record breaking, lower-than-average, 30-degree day in Tampa, Fl. I associate going to work at 9 am the same as stabbing my eye with a chopstick– I REALLY prefer not to do it.

But I went…

… and found out that since it was unusually cold today all employees were treated to some hot chocolate. Hmm, for being an almost minimum-waged theme park employee, that’s an okay perk, but I know this place can do better.

… and since it was a slow day in the park, I was placed within a group of tourists to take a truck tour through our safari area. The Serengeti area of Busch Gardens is a large grassy plain where various African animals run freely. The first animal we ran into were the giraffes who immediately walked over. Those creatures knew it was lunch time. Instantly, our tour guide armed us with vegetables which the spoiled giraffes snatched from our hands.

This is the most spoiled giraffe of all (which I have placed within one of the most widely recognized “African” song of our time):


I saw zebras up close, giraffes, some type of antelope and rhinos. Sorry tour guide, I guess I didn’t hear the exact type of animals I saw. Hmm, for being an almost minimum-waged theme park employee, this was a better perk.

… and did I mention that Busch Entertainment Corporation employees can also get in free to the two Universal parks? (Bwahaha, I can go to six theme parks for free that are all within one-hour of each other!!!) Wait, that’s not the perk I am going to speak of…

… and then I found out that Universal Studios is once again holding its Mardi Gras event beginning next month. Among the artists it will have performing every weekend are:

          – MC Hammer (People will be dancing crazy to “Can’t Touch This”)

          – Ne-Yo (His voice is soooo sexy)

          – Nelly (More dancing in the streets to come)

          – Kelly Clarkson (She’s still around? Yeah, I actually liked her rock songs)

          – The Village People

          – KC and the Sunshine Band.

No way! I’ll have to drive to Orlando every weekend now. For sure, I plan to see Ne-Yo and Nelly… and to complete this list of concerts I will go to, Busch Gardens is finally bringing “Glory to the Gardens”– a new event featuring various Christian artists. Headlining the May 9 concerts will be Relient K– AHHHH my favorite rock artist.

Hmm, for being an almost minimum-waged theme park employee, its these perks that make the job worth while.

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