I was just about to check my Hotmail when a link quickly flew by my eyes but caught my attention. From MSNBC, an article called “Real Life High School Musical Smackdown.” (Read the article yourself. I don’t want to repeat it)

Summary: One Seattle High School created a lip-syncing video. Filmed in just one take with a steadicam that winds througout the school, the video features truckloads of students as well as dozens of lip-syncers. I was impressed with the coordination and timing of Shorecrest High School’s piece… and did I mention jealous? Psh, I don’t even think my class had a senior prank.

Then I watched rival Shorewood High’s response to Shorecrest’s video. Not only did they imitate the whole lip-syncing, factory-full of students, coordination and timing… they filmed their entire video in reverse! So there’s all these crazy effects that can only be produced by filming correctly then playing in reverse (like piles of glitter in the air that zoom back into a student’s hand).

Watch the videos here!

Shorecrest’s says “Hey Ya.”

and Shorewood shoots back with “You Make My Dreams Come True.”

I admit, I like Shorecrest’s video a bit better. Mostly because I wasn’t familiar with Shorewood’s song… and it wasn’t catchy to me… and sometimes the mouth didn’t match the song. Picky picky. But either way, come on, you HAVE to admit both the videos are pretty cool. I’d take creating music videos with a whole posse of teens over watching the football teams grind on each other any day.


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