Finally, I have fulfilled an aching part of me that wanted to go to a theme park…

… and the location couldn’t have been better. I bow down and kiss the feet of the Disney marketing guru who decided that Florida residents could spend four days in the four Florida Disney parks for less than $100. In addition I lick the toes of upcoming Harry Potter world at Universal Studios which is making all other theme parks offer drastically reduced tickets. Competition makes for a happy Pyra. For three days, the Pyra family wandered around the Disney resort (and surrounding attractions). Although my heart has been yearning for a theme park visit, it was hurting more to spend time with my family. I killed two aches with one big Mickey Tylenol.

Unfortunately, those of you looking to get a travel agent disaster’s in-and-out of Disney’s Hollywood Studios (formerly known as MGM) will not get it from me. Rather, this article is to get your own lazy butt to explore the theme park by looking through my attached photo album. I will say that although the Pyra family nearly drowned in the continuous rain hovering over the Kissimmee skies, (and crowds were therefore really light) we still only experienced 2/3rds of the park during our six hour visit– and yes, every attraction was available. Perhaps we are just the slowest family in tourism history. The Pyra family read every notecard, every poster, ran back and forth between shows– and therefore didn’t experience everything.

Hollywood Studios is a Disney mecca for shows and stages. You can watch a Jedi class, a live Little Mermaid production, a stunt show, a Beauty and the Beast musical, etc etc. And rides? Not as plentiful as Walt Disney World… but there are a few present. It’s my Pyra opinion that most of the attractions (shows included) are geared to entertain humans who are school-aged and older. What’s the point of bringing in a toddler to Disney anyway? I guess just for cutesy pictures with Mickey Mouse, right? However, expect a future article about two of the best theme park experiences I have ever had– right in Hollywood Studios.

Click on my pictures to catch a glimpse of Hollywood Studios magic
Date of visit: March 12, 2010
Cost per ticket:$99 for Florida residents (expiring soon)

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