To be sad in a Disney park is impossible– everyone is smiling. Even the children who don’t know what’s going on are smiling.

After a ten-year disappearance, my family (The V’s) was ready to embrace the God-Mouse again—along with thousands of other people at Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom. We were probably the only group of six people walking around where every member was taller than five feet– watch each step in any Disney park or you may step on an escaped child in a princess outfit. My family’s focus today was to experience EVERYTHING we could together—that’s the biggest difference from all the other Florida theme parks. Normally, there is always someone among the V’s who is too nauseous, too old, or too scared (I’m looking at YOU little bro!) to ride.

… and we experienced LOTS of attractions together! We just boarded anything with a wait time of 30 minutes or under. That plan was perfect—any ride that threatened to break up our together-ness (like the coasters) had wait times of 60 or over anyway. The “Speedway” met its match at my sister’s awful driving… “It’s a Small World” was the many National Geographic lessons my dad had given us… and we wished to rearrange our house to look like the “Swiss Family Robinson” tree house.

Although every inch of the Magic Kingdom contained visitors, queue times were still bearable, and the time spent with my family was priceless. Did I mention the heat? Perhaps I lied in saying everyone was smiling, because many of the paler-skinned guests were swimming in sweat. It was a good day to me, it only gets hotter after today.

The V’s mugged for the camera while looking inside Minnie Mouse’s fridge, danced near some pirates, and joined in the collective OOH and AH as Tinkerbell descended from Cinderalla’s castle amidst the fireworks. (That collective gasp was funny to hear but charming to witness)

Conclusion: According to my theme park partners (my siblings aged 23, 20, and 15), they are still bigger Universal Studios park fans—like me. It’s not just because there are more attractions geared towards my age group… it’s hard to explain… but both Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure are more… FUN! (Perhaps I’ll let loose my arguments later on) As for Disney, we won’t be craving the parks for another ten years. Meanwhile, we have enough magical memories to dwell on.

Visit the Magic Kingdom along with the V’s by clicking on our tourist-friendly pictures. What? You want the pictures of my family goofing off at the park? Sorry, I don’t want the personal pictures of my family appearing in a Disney ad somewhere… unless we’re offered complimentary tickets to return…

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      Eh… I don’t have one anymore. I jumped ship when most of my friends stopped MySpace for the calmer waters of FaceBook

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