I’ve been with the ministry since 1999… and finally… I was graduating.

Listening to a meaningful talk about GodYou can’t explain the group Singles for Christ without mentioning the Couples for Christ. Starting in the Philippines a mere 30 years ago from just a few couples wanting to grow in their religious beliefs, now it’s a worldwide organization officially recognized by the Vatican. Because of its roots, members in the ministry are primarily Catholic and Filipino—but it’s not limited to them. Through different groups within the organization, there’s a group for every age… from kids, to the married, to priests, and beyond. Besides meeting for bible studies, the ministry is also very busy, smart and creative when it comes to spreading God around (which I’ve always loved about it)… all under the Couples for Christ umbrella.

But enough about CFC. I’ve been involved with YFC (the youth aka CFC-Youth) ‘til wayyyy past the point when people were calling me ‘grandma pyra.’ Finally, I cleared my butt’s schedule and drove to Orlando where other old-schoolers had decided to hold a Christian Life Program—the retreat to officially transition from youth to Singles for Christ (aka CFC-Singles).

I wish I could tell you more on the retreat… but I’d take up an encyclopedia just talking. Bottom line… God, learning, fellowship, fun. It didn’t matter if this was completely new to you or whether you were excited to hang out with people you haven’t seen in a while… the weekend retreat was an energizing experience. I love especially the cool brothers who I’ve crashed into many times, but never really hung out with ‘til now.

Pyra and the other "participants"I was told multiple times that I was just a participant so to lie down and let others do the work—but after being a YFC leader for so many years I kept itching to take the lead. But now… after this camp… I know I can.

This weekend I finally got that swift kick in the lazy rear to start up SFC in Tampa. LOOK OUT TAMPA… Singles for Christ is coming soon. I’m thankful that I haven’t been a naughty schoolgirl since moving away from Tampa’s old YFC (eh… because of frustration with their system)—rather, I’ve just been building up all this energy in getting closer to God but not placing it anywhere. This time, I know where to shoot my God-guided flame balls at. And this time I’m not waiting for permission from past leaders who’ve placed their priorities in a different type of sisterhood/brotherhood instead of God.

Click on my pics to join the retreat with me

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