There’s no excuse for giving a late thanks…

It’s been a busy Thanksgiving week and I can’t be more thrilled to share it with my entire family AND the friends and THEIR family who I grew up with. I’m especially happy to see my father… he’s been living many states away in Texas as a result of his quest to get a better job. My parents painfully decided to let my Mom stay in Florida to watch over the little brother because he was deeply rooted in Florida activities. She’ll stay there until he graduates, and then she’ll move to Texas as well.

I bow down to my parents for beating it into me– I’ve always been grateful for the smallest things… life, health, education, the postman delivering on time, the mall, having a bed, experiencing other cultures, experiencing the lives of the poor to the lives of the rich, having a car with a spare tire… my list of daily thanks piles on like Tampa traffic tickets.

Thank you to everybody in my life: no matter how little the brush or whether we hang out once a week. I’ve learned something from everybody who’s collided into me. Thank you.

Thank you God for all these blessings. Give me the wisdom to use all these blessings according to Your will and the strength to return blessings upon others.


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