After the turkey has turned into turd and I’ve worked it off by chasing after-Thanksgiving deals, I always have one last tradition during my Thanksgiving break… making tacos in Immokalee.

For more than five years, the Couples for Christ families of Immokalee have clumped together to run many of the food stands at the church’s annual fair. In addition to the typical fair stuff at Our Lady of Guadalupe Fair (rides, games, cotton candy, crying children) I volunteer in the better half– the food stands!: sliced fruit eaten with salt and hot sauce, nachos with dripping chili, and the best booth… the taco stand! (Feel free to be jealous of me growing up around hispanics who invented delicious food)

Lightly heated tortilla shells, seasoned beef, a mixture of cilantro, onion, tomatoes and lettuce. Ahhhhh my mouth salivates at the image. Who knew that the little stand closest to the port-o-johns contained so much magic? I’ve strained my arm from chopping the beef to bits, stuffed toppings into taco shells, and yelled orders in broken Spanish… but I’d rather be here than anywhere else.

“I’d rather be here than anywhere else”… perhaps it’s because I get free food at any of the food stands we run? (Oh yea… more jealousy)

Click on my pictures to visit the fair!


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