I see a marina while I'm walking around during lunchDream job? Close enough!

For the grand total of two people who have been wondering why I haven’t blogged– I’m not dead! Thank God. No, I’m ready to leave all my beliefs and become a St. Petersburg, FL resident. (Uh– what do you call those people? St. Petenese? St. Petersburgarian?) because I am now… professional Pyra!

… and I’m getting paid to do what I enjoy!

You can see Dali Museum and Mahaffey TheaterEven better– I have been crazy blessed to work in downtown St. Petersburg. St. Pete is gorgeous– perhaps more gorgeous than a pack of Chippendales dripping in melted Nestle Crunch… no wait… hmmm. True, I’ve passed neighborhoods that seem questionable, but the criss-cross of plentiful roads also reveal neighborhoods teeming with culture. And did I mention the food? Central Avenue alone is more inviting to foodies than any Tampa street I remember.

But Downtown St. Pete is where it’s at. In the time it took me to eat my sandwich, I passed handfuls of restaurants, dozens of bikers, and butt loads of dogs. In my eye sight loomed the famous pier, museums, and yachts. Everyone is outside. I guess Tampa’s downtown professionals prefer to hide in their cubicles.

This is the view I witness everytime I walk into my office!

View from my office


Dream job? Well… awesome job in an awesome location. I’m pretty happy. Now about those buff guys and chocolate…


One Comment Add yours

  1. Viet says:

    What is it that you enjoy? I recall scaring people, fashion, and crafts.

    If you live in at pete now, we should catch up. Maybe explore all these food options.

    Is there public access to that skyscraper? Sometimes I want a view if the entire city, but dont know of any accessible areas.

    Chipandles yes, covered in nestle crunch, no. That just looks like feces

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