EATlanta, GA.

Just a handful of the Coca-Cola samples at The World of Coca-Cola
Just a handful of the Coca-Cola samples at The World of Coca-Cola

“I want to take you guys to as many of the food places I enjoyed” declared Ace, former Atlantean… and between climbing up granite mountains after being sardined in a car for eight hours… she did.

Here’s my attempt at imitating those food blurbs in magazines. Here’s my attempt (Ms. Small Stomach) to EATlanta.

Sweating up Stone Mountain can build an appetite, but we decide to SKIP LUNCH (WHAaaaa? No wait… keep reading) and instead load up on more than 60 different bubblies at the World of Coke. Touch every exhibit, argue whether the “secret formula” is in the vault or not, but the main star is sampling different Coke products from around the world.

Once the bubbles subside (hopefully it doesn’t happen during the car ride), then visit Ru San’s in yuppy Midtown and try not to get overwhelmed by the VAST sushi menu. Equally packed are all the tables. It was loud, lively and if you were lucky the bubbly, bouncy, excitable owner would visit and just kick the party up a notch. The sushi is the same; Large, saucy, and lively.

Sushi at Ru San's
Sushi at Ru San's

Something sweet? A short drive away is Paolo’s Gelato Italiano. Although it’s easy to pass this cubicle-sized store, once inside, your eyes will light up at the tubs of artfully presented gelato, lists of items to order, and pictures showing off the artist’s creations. Thick and creamy, eat this monster gelato in a cone… and enjoy the tiny signature cracker placed on top.

YES... we made it! No heart attacks!

Iron Age in suburbian Duluth (northeast of the city) is not your typical Korean bbq joint. Yes there’s your side garnishes and wooden booths, but once you get past the giant screen playing Korean music videos and unlimited serve-yourself ice cream, here’s the fun feature… cooking your own meat. We opted for the “pay one price for unlimited servings” option and kept our server busy bringing in trays of raw beef and pork. Delicious… my props to the chefs aka my friends. Naturally the guys suggest “Let’s see who can eat the most trays” between our tables… delicious… but can’t… eat… another…

A short walk away sits Lattea, typical gathering place for young adults to hangout while gulping boba and drinking tea. After all those Korean flavors, calm your tongue down with a sweet and cool slushee for less than $2. Feel free to bring your board games and leave your mark on the sticky-noted wall before you leave.

North of Downtown Atlanta sits FlipBurger Boutique. This modernly decorated restaurant has been making waves in Atlanta’s food scene with its creative and droolable dishes such as the nitrogen-cooled Krispy Kreme Milkshake, Truffle Mac and Cheese, Chorizo burgers and Sweet Potato Tater Tots.

My chorizo burger

Atlanta’s freakin’ large food scene is a result of MANY cultures coming together as well as different generations with different tastes all mixed in with an art scene that has seeped into the food. Glancing back, I realize we totally missed the traditional “Atlanta comfort food” (Chicken and waffles? Varsity?) … I guess that just means a second EATlanta is due.

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