The Travel Disaster named Pyra is back (!) and being dragged around South California for the annual-family-trip-that-went-on-hiatus-for-two-years. Visit family-friendly destinations on a budget with us!

You’ll notice my writing tone will take a nose dive into the land of the boring because I am bored now from writing about California (After just THREE entries!? No one reads this crap anyway Pyra) One more to go after this!

This is a view of a lily pond

You DON’T HAVE TO visit Balboa Park in San Diego, CA during the weekends to enjoy this beautiful mess of museums (plural), gardens, architecture, and nature. You DON’T HAVE TO even enter any of the museums. You DON’T… Oh WTF am I talking about? YES YOU SHOULD go on the weekends and YOU SHOULD enter the museums. You should! You should! (although there’s normally an admission price and that destroys this whole free-fun-during-vacation trend of my family)

Walking down the steps along Palm CanyonThe "Sweden" cottage at the Pacific Relations International VillageThis large "book" sits outside the Japanese Friendship Garden and tells more about its history

My natural Pyra curiosity was tempted by all the paid walkthroughs such as the Japanese Friendship Garden, the Model Railroad Museum, and the Museum of Man. But grrr– the family was already happy just strolling around the free sights and oohing and aahing at the humingbirds gayly prancing around inside the Alcazar Garden.

And visit during the weekend! Some Balboa attractions have a bad habit of being closed during parts of the weekday. Many “free” areas weren’t as exciting during this Wednesday; the Pacific Relations International Cottages normally has a performing host country every Sunday (a ghost town today) while the Organ Pavilion performs shows also on Sundays.

Hummingbirds flit around the Alcazar Gardens

ARGH! Words (especially mine right now) are not doing Balboa Park justice. Just check out my pictures to see what we saw without paying for anything. Bring your blanket, lunch and and a ball to toss around because there’s plenty of areas to just relax in the shade.

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