Remember New Years Resolutions? (groooaaaaan really?) In early 2012, Pyra-Danny made a working list of 10… let’s see whether she did a total fail or actually did good. This upcoming resolution series is her experiences…

Before the teasing occurs… YES– I did make a list of New Years Resolutions and YES– I am still working on them. As the weeks continue, I’ll try and write about my experiences with each resolution.

Resolution #7 - learn a non-worship guitar songNo– I didn’t do some typical “lose five pounds” or vague “spend more time with friends” goals– Before you start pelting me with veggies and 5K runs, I do want to get healthier and hang out with people I love. In creating these resolutions, I knew I’d have to change my almost non-existent discipline if I wanted to complete my goals… and in doing so, I’ve also gotten more self-aware, responsible, healthier and more extroverted. Win win!

Okay… disclaimer… my first fail is I said I’d do/learn 12 new things and so far my list has only 10. But hey, there’s still three more months. Haha. Hopefully the experiences from my resolutions has made you want to get off the couch– even if you didn’t make any resolutions yourself. And before you run for the swamps, I’ll still write about other experiences along the way. (Because my parallel resolution is experiencing THREE new places or events a month)

Some of my resolutions have a definite end goal… like #6 “biking the whole Pinellas Trail“… which I haven’t completed yet because the summer heat made me into an outdoor wuss.

Other resolutions are ongoing… like #1 “learn martial arts.”

Some resolutions have no way of making it to this Pyra-Dise blog because whether I complete it or not, I’ll be bored writing about it… like #7 “learn a guitar song”– how do you write about THAT experience?

(1) Learn martial arts
(2) Volunteer (Somewhere! Anywhere! Any type! Just do it more than once)
(3) Help at church
(4) Learn the constellations (more than just the location of the moon)
(5) Learn a song on the keyboard (I’ve never taken a lesson in my life)
(6) Bike the whole Pinellas Trail (Don’t die– not all at once!)
(7) Learn a non-worship song on the guitar (All I know are Christian songs)
(8) Create one episode of “Palo Me” (An old idea I had of teaching Tagalog through entertaining media)
(9) Do a split (How did THIS make the list?)
(10) Find 50 caches (I added this last month because Geocaching is my latest obsession)

What? Nothing about love and relationships? Nothing about inventing a cure for chicken pox or writing a New York Times bestseller? Someone please pass me the Chardonnay and get a different blogger in here! Give me a break– these are just the resolutions my brain plopped out back in January 2012 (well… kinda… a quarter of the list was added as 2012 went on). I wasn’t thinking of conquering the world (Ooooo– ideas for January 2013 resolutions!) So shut up and hold on– hopefully you’ll get ideas to expand your own experiences.

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