Yelp Tampa has done it again! This time they’ve showered attention on a newly opened café by having the community meet the food and its creators.

Counter full of food
Counter full of food

Finding Mity Nice Café amongst the perpetual construction storm that is Ulmerton Road took a bit of u-turns between BF Shoes and me. I think better and catchy signage should be placed to attract random, normal drivers. But upon entering we were immediately drawn to the counter loaded with offerings. Large bowls were filled with Greek or Potato Salad or Coleslaw. Large platters were filled with Sandwiches or Wraps. Since the labels didn’t tell me much about the ingredients inside, I had to keep asking the nearby owner; Mediterranean Wraps (Hummus, Feta, Olives, Lettuce and Tzaziki Sauce), Southwest Wraps (Chicken, Salsa, Cheese with Chipotle Mayo), and Roast Beef Sandwiches were among the picks. Oohs and aahs came over the Nutella-laced Sandwiches. My eyes were attracted to all the fresh colors and thickness of the food.

The crowd that came out
The crowd that came out

Bastet Brewing also shared samples from their soon-to-be open brewery. Although I had taken some ‘Party Punch with Handmade Vodka’ from Mity Nice, I still tried all three of Bastet’s Brews—Sex Machine (Brown Ale) and Aw Shucks (Cream Ale). Ole! Tepache (a Fruit Beer) was my favorite because it was sweet, mild, and smooth and almost  bordered a Blonde Ale.

All done
Getting full! Yum!

In Sandwiches, Bread has to work extra hard to please me and the ones from Mity Nice didn’t disappoint. It wasn’t too bland, fluffy or overwhelming—Mity’s Nice’s Bread worked well with the ingredients it protected. Since the event’s organizer Brett kept yapping (yelping?) about a Sandwich called the Old Broadway I had to try it. This play on a Cuban Sandwich contained Roast Beef and Turkey topped with various dressings and homemade Coleslaw! Curiosity overcame my bewilderment. While the Old Broadway won’t make me climb mountains or cross oceans, it definitely delivered enough quirk and harmony on different flavors and textures to make me nod—not bad at all.

But the owners Jim and Sandy are already vets on flavors. After all, they’ve owned popular cafes in Tampa Bay including Moxies and Nosh Cafe. The menu at Mity Nice is packed with deliciously descriptive cafe items—excellent for the business crowd in that area. Their breakfast menu contains many breakfast staples like Omelettes, Bagels, and Fruit while their sides (Fries, Salads, gluten-free Bread, etc) and Coffee menu (Espresso bar, frozen Coffees) are also filled with items.

IMAG3455At first it was distracting and obvious this building used to be a Five Guys and Fries, but Mity Nice worked well with the existing structure in creating a red and white diner theme. Despite the limited chairs, the event organizers planned well in allowing in the ideal number of guests—nobody was ever glancing around for a seat. We were still able to meet and chat with Mity Nice’s owners as well as Bastet Brewery’s managers.

Thanks again to Brett and the Yelp team for casting light on this awesome café. It’s a great fit for this area and will be a great find for those lucky and willing to run into it.

Mity Nice Cafe
3700 Ulmerton Road #105
Clearwater, FL 33762
(727) 571-3400
Date of event: Jan 19, 2015

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