Take a look into my purse. Inside are the items I drag with me everywhere: credit cards, ID, digital camera, cell phone, keys. If I was to lose any of those things… MY LIFE WOULD END! No… REALLY!

If you have ever worked the lost and found (L&F) department at a theme park, you quickly realize that theme parks seem to be a mecca for items wanting to escape from its owners, and it can be very difficult for the department to match items to owners– there’s just too many! So how can you make it easier for everyone and get your lost stuff back?

Tag Your Stuff:
It may look corny, but label what you own– especially if it’s expensive. The inside flap of my bags have my phone number written in it. It’s best to put a simple “if lost please call ___” sticker on phones or cameras.

Make Your Stuff Unique:
You have NO idea how many black Motorola Razors get lost in a week at the park. AND you have NO idea how many of those phones get turned in with dead batteries. So imagine, L&F is now left with about 10 phones that look exactly alike… what now? Ladies, your clothes match your personality, why can’t your phone? Phone charms work as cute and funny accessories while phone covers are very stylish and offer many designs. It also makes the phone more recognizeable in case you lose it.

“I Thought I Was Holding Onto It Tightly”:
You can rent lockers at my park for only 50 cents– so why do people risk sticking all their credit cards in their pockets, ride a roller coaster, then get very angry when they stand at the ride’s exit and realize that all their cards have decided to be a permanent ride display? Unless your pockets have a way of clipping together, don’t risk losing your valuables because you wanted to skimp on a dollar.

All the above are prevention methods… but what if you already lost the item?

Report It:
Most places have a L&F. If they don’t have your stuff, make sure you fill out a report so they know what item you’ve lost and how to contact you. Most importantly– be painfully descriptive of your item. Imagine that the entire L&F department is full of dimwits who’ve never heard of Prada sunglasses. Draw it! Say if it’s metal or plastic! Big or small lens!

Check on it:
B/c a L&F worker’s job is never done, call the department to see if your item got turned in. Better yet, pay a personal visit. Send an e-mail with a picture of how your item looks like.

Helpful, truthful, and sad but true tips:
1. You lost your sunglasses and hat? During summer? Pshhh, you will NEVER see it again.
2. When you write in a report that your cellphone wallpaper is “me”… I have NO idea how “me” looks like
3. Sadly, things DO get stolen in the park, but just try L&F anyway
4. Report as soon as you can, some parks donate stuff that hasn’t been claimed.

So in the end, like when I know I’m gonna eat something filled with spices, maalox early! Prevention is key! And here’s praying I won’t sell your hat if I find it in the bathroom.

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