Every summer, Busch Gardens Tampa brings in new shows for its evening hours and this season’s focus is on Darren Romeo— a rising magician– with his show “Voice of Magic.” First of all, if his looks aren’t enough to make you swoon, then when he opens his mouth and sings– that pushes me over the edge. He boasts a Broadway voice throughout his 45-minute performance and his singing is not that bad.

As my first live magic show (sorry birthday party clowns. You don’t count), I was very impressed with what Darren Romeo had to offer. He showed about 10 different tricks with various “oOOo ahHHhH” degrees. Sorry, I don’t want to tell his show to you.

About the show itself. The magic segments were awesome. The singing was a little dragging especially because BGT already showcases so many singing talents in its other shows. A partial downer was the audience itself. Kids should not be allowed in magic shows of this degree. Besides the fact that there was some seductive dancing, dressing, and stripper jokes, kids shouldn’t attend this show unless they know how to press their lips together at the appropriate times. Kids kept pointing out loudly different aspects of the performance to show that they weren’t fooled by the magic. “I saw a person! Behind the tree!” — Umm… that’s the stage hands guys.

I dug some background info on Romeo. He began learning magic at a young age and later began to add singing into his show after being in several plays in high school. Apparantly, he’s also the only protege of the famous Siegfried and Roy. Did I mention he’s a talented magician? AND he has a great voice AND he is good-looking. Imagine an older Zac Efron who can really sing! Busch Gardens picked a good headliner show for this summer.

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