Each day their little, sad eyes pleaded with me to give them more privacy and more places to have fun. Online research told me that lack of privacy can lead to shock and ultimately death. With six deaths in one month already in my hands, I knew I had to do something.


During my time of fish-sitting for my boyfriend, I’ve had six of his precious babies die. Petsmart employees attributed the deaths to an overcrowded tank (it’s only five gallons) and lack of hiding places for the fish to be territorial. B/c I want to sneak in more fish before Dong returns, I knew I had to first create an aquarium where its residents could forever be explorers, but I had a lack of money…

As you can see, I have used multiple soda cans to create towers, pots, and… stuff… for my fish. I assume that the aluminum will not poison them.

To make little fish house sculptures:
1. Wash a used soda can, then air dry
2. To create the holes within the can, use an Xacto knife. After piercing the aluminum shell, use saw-like motions to cut off what you want. (using scissors is very hard) Try to smooth any corners that may scrape your fish.
3. That’s it! Or use jewelry-wire pliers to make little curls for house columns. Use your imagination!

No, I’m not a big Publix soda chugger- but it’s cheap, tastes just as good, and because of how big recycling is nowadays my friends don’t talk twice when I ask to take their used cans. Of course, I’m still not entirely happy w/ the outcome of this tank– but it’s not mine anyways. Now, the fish can go forth and multiply while enjoying romantic aquatic settings with a touch of privacy.

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