After working for two years in a travel-related industry, I have learned that there is no way to be over-prepared. This time, with my family’s random, road-trip choice of Atlanta looming closer and closer, I have realized that the line between over-preparation out of caution and over-preparation out of excitement has blurred. I have gone over every Atlanta attraction’s website with a fine comb for any details so I know what to expect. I have printed maps of locations and have a list of operating hours for all attractions. I’ve even read reviews and travelers’ hints so that I know what is the best deal and how crowds are during recent weeks.

Too much? Perhaps. At the same time, I have become like a child who has gotten very excited over a future trip to Disney so they have spent all night watching princess movies. I don’t care if Atlanta isn’t an Orlando, with every corner trying to shove something interesting down your esophagus– it’s different, new, and therefore will capture my interest.

So why Atlanta? The most Atlanta experience my family has gotten was wandering around the airport on numerous crossover flights. Since we’re saving for a future trip abroad, a road trip to a new city was the choice for this year. My family has spoiled me by our frequent travels to tourists destinations and curious spots all over the United States. I missed out on the last road trip due to summer school, and since then, I have come down with a serious case of the travel bug. I refuse to say our future destination plans for Atlanta until the time gets closer, but I am graciously accepting any suggestions.

Of course, and when in Atlanta, EAT as the Atlantians (Atlanters?) eat. What southern food locations will satisfy my hunger?

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