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There is a zombie legion of fans who adore the red cans with swirly, silver writing… especially if it’s fresh from the fridge. Coca-Cola is loved around the world- but I didn’t know that it was invented in Atlanta. The World of Coca-Cola is a shrine for the fizz-addicted or a museum for the curious.

Groups of about 40 people are allowed into a room decorated with Coca-Cola memorabilia from around the world. While the deco was cool, a rather boring, young tour guide gave a… um…  ZzZZzZZzzzzZ was my reaction. Then, we watched a short movie that revolved around one of the commercials of Coke- a pointless addition.

Finally- we were released into main room which branched out into different areas to explore. A 4-D movie that follows two adults trying to discover Coke’s secret recipe is humorous for kids while fun for those who’ve never experienced a 4-D movie before. Walk down a small, soda bottling lineThere’s also a small bottling plant that you can watch from a hallway. Another small room features various Coke-related artwork.

And yes, you DO learn things when on Coke (Insert your own joke here). A walk-through museum highlights the history of the drink, the designs involved, its part in the universal community, etc. As a Pepsi product Mountain Dew lover, I grew respect for the Coke brand as well as a plan for marrying any descendents of the creator Pemberton. He was like Walt Disney inserting Mickey Mouse happiness in every aluminum container.

I spent a good deal in a small theater that showed many different Coca-Cola commercials from around the world. I bow down and worship the creative minds behind each commercial. IT WORKED IT WORKED!… because I had forgotten what Mountain Dew was and began to crave Coke.


The hands-down favorite for every Coca-Cola guest? The “Taste It” room allows visitors to taste about 10 different Coke products from each continent. My iron-bellied siblings worked to sample all 64 flavors while the bubbled liquids destroyed me after the tenth try. Still, with all the unusual taste buds the world offers, I enjoyed the Asian products instantly while Africa had the more strangely good flavors. As you exited the room and into the- what else?- huge gift shop, each of us received a souvenir glass Coke bottle.

One of the stations where you can taste Coke from a continent
Click the pictures to see my album from the Coca-Cola trip
Admission was $15, but cheaper in combo with the neighboring Georgia Aquarium (our visit for tomorrow). Parking for the area is $10, but if you don’t mind walking 2 blocks- get your lazy butt up and REALLY experience Atlanta- then our parking was only $4. To truly enjoy this place, spend 3 hours there and look at everything.

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