After visiting Shamu every few months and dining on his marine friends whenever I can, you would’ve thought that city aquariums are beneath me. But I entered the darkened room lit with soft blue lights, walked past two walls that were windows into two large aquariums revealing silver fish while I handed my ticket to the attendant. Then, the hallway opened up into a giant, futuristic room. Metal dining tables are at the center, the high ceiling flashes neon colors that change every few seconds… this is my introduction to the Georgia Aquarium- not bad, not bad.

From there, the V’s walked through the five areas that branch from that main room. Each branch displays aquatic life tied together by a common element- such as river creatures. Each aquarium is nicely decorated… and although I don’t know anything about the habitats of fish- come on, I believe animals are for eating!- every aquarium seemed appropriate for the fish inside.

Click the pics to see my vacation album.

AND I SAW THE BELUGA WHALE MAKE BUBBLE RINGS!! Watch this video from Seaworld to know what I’m talking about. Well, I once stood in Seaworld’s dolphin tank for 30 mins and made faces at the polite dolphins. Then, out of nowhere, GA’s beluga whale wanted to impress me.

Some of the aquariums I could just stare at all day. A large, indoor tank stuffed with colorful fish stretched above my head and caught the natural sunlight from above. Unfortunately, for a Tuesday, this place was PACKED! Many tanks stretched from floor to ceiling, but many children would probably also come face-to-face with many butts. The number of people never got annoying, but I’m sure the crowds may scare other visitors. Check out my video in my attempt to capture the eye level of a poor 9-year-old navigating through an ocean of rears.

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