“You’ve got to live like you’re dying…”

I want to pause and remember the passing of someone who I never really knew, whom I only met once, who lives across the world, yet has left an impact on me. Earlier on Saturday, my cousin Carlo Malazo passed away.

Although our mothers are sisters, we only met each other once because my family has never really visited the Philippines from America and vice versa. I don’t know what he liked to do in his spare time, nor do I know the people he hung out with. I’m not even 100 percent sure his last name is Malazo! But I do know that he was younger than me, he took great care of his mentally challenged brother, and the cancer took him too early.

The thought of facing death before ever fully experiencing what the world has to offer scares me. His death is a wake-up call– not just for me but for any young person who doesn’t realize that any day could be their last. Please say a prayer for my cousin to speed up his journey to heaven. I pray that Carlo’s family receives support. Most of all, after facing troubles for so long, I pray that Carlo finds peace. Mary, mother of God, pray for us sinners. Oh my Jesus, lead all souls into heaven…

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