BAM! I turned at the noise to see a small teddy bear fall from the sky. A little girl laughed and placed the plush toy upright in the sand. Almost immediately, a giant green and black kite swooped down and picked the toy up by the hook around the bear’s neck. The teddy bear was air borne!

At first, a kite festival at Treasure Island may seem lame. Come on… beaches are for sunbathing, checking out hot guys (or gals), or getting a tribal tattoo (right?). Well, never let lameness stop you from experience! Even a mile from the beach I could see what looked like large multi-colored sperm suspended in a paradise limbo. Upon closer inspection, I became surrounded by many shapes that I didn’t even know could be formed into kites. There were kites shaped like round caterpillars that could have easily swallowed my bedroom. Tied to one string was a series of nautical kites including a shark, turtle, and scuba diver. Then there were those awesome fighting kites held high by two strings which allowed the owner to control the diving movements of the kite.

Of course, the skies were wide enough to allow the flight of simple, normal, triangle kites. I kicked myself for not bringing my boat-shaped kite. At least mine could’ve sailed in circles around those simple toys.

It was a gathering of kite lovers from all over the nation. There was also a program for different contests and demonstrations, but most of my enjoyment came from just watching the aerial art exhibits.

No, kite festivals aren’t lame. At least, if you’re embarrassed about watching art in motion, bring a beach towel and look like you’re sunbathing (and wear dark sunglasses so no one knows you’re really staring at the kites).

Date visited: January 17, 2010.
Where: Treasure Island, Fl.
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