Seven french fry restaurants represented!
Since February 17, I have given up French Fries as my personal sacrifice in order to prepare myself mentally and spiritually (and physically) for Easter. For almost 40 days I would try and sit stone-faced as my sisters stuffed their faces with French Fries and its equally addictive sister buffalo wings.
But now… with the cracking of Easter eggs, the angels have opened up heaven for me and lifted my personal French Fry ban off my shoulders. The delicious chopped potatoes soaked in oil were ready to be on my tongue again– and I knew just how to celebrate… FRENCH FRY BASH 2010! In one hour N-G, Milkshake, and I had gathered medium and large French Fries from seven different restaurants and were ready to pounce.
Since we believe that fries from fast food restaurants reign supreme, we focused on fast food places near our college town. Thankfully, everything was found on one street. By the time we got home, those paper bags containing the slices of heaven were soaked with oil. My picks from least favorite to I-would-pick-these-fries-over-my-boyfriend…
These waffle fries have a very distinguishable shape. It was also the cheapest… but come on, the shape means there’s just more air in the bag right? My sisters place this high on their favorites list, but only after they added the Polynesian sauce.
Burger King
(Uh-oh, fans of the King vs the Golden Arches will come at me with pitchforks)
I really like McDonalds fries (especially when it’s dating a parfait), but compared to the other restaurants, McDonald’s fries felt like the Geico gecko going against Godzilla.
Who can resist curly, orange fries? The very, tightly curled fries were the most fun to eat.
Wing Stop
Who’s the genius who decided to place a little sweetness in salty fries? I bow down and kiss your sweet and salty feet.
This place is already famous for its fries. Besides being crispy, these fries look like they were rejected from a sun god’s garden. Orange and heavily seasoned, you can almost plant these fries and have herbs grow the next day… but that’s why it’s delicious!
Five Guys and Fries
The name obviously says they’re famous for fries (and having men– ooh la la). Us sisters bought the cajun fries (although the regular fries are pretty yummy) and these orange and red dotted fat fries teased our noses during the entire ride. It’s not that crispy, but the oil and spices mix well with the potato. Plus the cooks always dump more fries into the bag than what can fit in the fry holder. Yes, it was heaven when mixed with ketchup.
Although I have accomplished what every obese elementary student hopes to do for lunch time, my sisters and I couldn’t finish and had to call over our friend Rexosaurus to choke the rest down (which he did after working out nonetheless). After this experience I’ve witnessed French Fry awakenings:
– mixing all the fries together like Chex Mix is not a fun way to eat it.
– drinks are necessary to cleanse the palate in between fry types
– after the equivalent of two cups of fries… you crave ANYTHING with meat.
– after this experience I felt like eating a salad to balance out my health.
– I’m not going to have a French Fry Bash for the next five years. The journey was more fun than the eating!

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