Would you work for this Florida company?

A nicely dressed lady smiled as all those around her table received a medium-cooked steak, and mashed potatoes, all topped with a lobster tail. Just a few feet away, another table filled with nicely dressed businessmen waited for their meal. It was the annual gathering for the company. They had rented out a beautiful building for the event. Appetizers and wine were being passed by cocktail servers. Moments later a plate filled with beans and a hot dog arrived. This was the dinner for the businessmen.

Several years ago, almost the same scenario took place. The main difference occurred during the serving of the food. Tables of people who realized they were receiving the “lower quality” food were trying to take the lobster and steak away from the trays while the servers weren’t looking. This year, those who received the hot dogs asked for ketchup or mustard and just laughed and told stories with the people around their table as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

The different food was a reward based on the amount of the company’s product the person had sold.

Would you work for these guys?

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