I love factory tours… especially with free samples

Pyra playing tourist? Pshhhh, I tore myself rather easily from my Florida roots and zoomed into Denver, CO. I was ready to show up in my tanned skin, fanny pack, and bottled water– oh please realize that I’m kidding.

Watching the workers who make candy magic
Watching the workers who make candy magic



The seemingly eternally happy Lena signed my group into Hammonds. (Side note, the roads heading to Hammonds is a misery trip. It is a cement jungle where train tracks overtake people, and the factories and warehouses are ugly versions of jungle cats)… even the outside of Hammonds disappears into the dreary landscape… which is why I felt like crying upon seen human happiness once more in the form of the grandmotherly Lena.

Sample some free candy
Sample some free candy

While waiting for the next tour, we were invited to sample some of Hammond’s own candy.

Lena then invited us into a side room where we watched a 5-minute movie about Hammonds’ history. Any questions? None. She opened the doors and we poured into the factory room. Mere windows separated us from a dozen workers shaping and cutting candy. Mirrors above the workers allowed us to watch exactly what the workers were doing. All the while, Lena pointed out workers and explained their work.

In the next room, more machines dropped large, ready-to-go candy canes into boxes. We drooled as a lady near the window hand-placed chocolates into a box… and occasionally put aside the smaller ones– we still drooled at the rejects.

As the tour ended and we made ready to enter the gift shot, the lady with the chocolates suddenly ran out to our area and offered all her rejected chocolates… mine was a gooey, near-melting, chocolate covered cherry… and it was deliciously creamy. Lena also offered us a pile of choco-filled candy canes that had gotten broken. (Mmmm give me all the rejected candy anytime)

My entire family had fun… perhaps because we were high on sugar after that. If you can just put aside your disgust at the dreary area surrounding Hammonds, I definitely recommend this tour for families– kids will especially be fascinated.

Price: FREE!!!!!!!!!
Tour approx 20 mins long… and leaves approx every 30 mins. (sources say visit during weekdays because there is no factory action on weekends)
Mon-Thurs: 9-3pm
Fri & Sat: 10-3pm
5735 N. Washington Street
Denver, CO 80216
(303) 333-5588

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