For someone who loves to eat… a lot… I am rather horrible at eating large portions.

So I immediately expressed disapproval when my enthusiastic Tita (Tagalog for Auntie) Joan wanted to follow in the footsteps of Travel Channel’s show Man v Food by purchasing a 7lb burrito from Jack-N-Grille. Actually, she wanted to visit all the places featured in the Denver episode… because “we are Adam groupies” (her reference to the show’s host). Ah, she’s so cute.

The 7lb breakfast burritoAlas, my disapproval was crushed beneath the 7lbs of potatoes, eggs, cheese, and green chiles that plopped itself onto our group’s table. I felt like barfing at the combination– breakfast burritos never seem appealing. Naturally, our 9-person party couldn’t finish the burrito… I think God designed our stomachs to only digest a limited amount of potatoes, but I admit I happily ate the leftovers for breakfast for the next three mornings. My hotel’s Cholula hot sauce supply helped to create an exciting and tasty morning meal.

As for the rest of the Jack-N-Grille food… Ehhhhhh. Whatever New Mexican or Mexican cuisine the food was, our tacos, quesadillas, and French Fries all looked great– but lacked any memorable flavors. Even the house salsa was bland. Contrary to the 7lb burrito, the portions are sports bar normal (although the burger was BIG!).

If anything, the only delicious food was the burrito (after I took it home and added the hot sauce).

2630 W. Belleview Ave
Littleton, CO 80123 (There’s also a Denver location)
(303) 474-4242
Beautiful art... but tasteless

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