I’m sorry Red Rocks Park… you just got ROCKed, STONEd, and national PARKed!

[Pyra adds the last story to her Colorado vacay series… a few weeks late…]

Since my clan was still running around the Boulder, CO area, we wanted to see the mountains that were surrounding us and teasing us with their… bumps. We thought we were lost as a drive through a mini mountain town didn’t reveal any signs of us being closer to the park… but man, I was jealous of the beautiful scenery surrounding those houses. It was quaint, cute, and rustic houses pressed against cliffs (ARGH, jealous Pyra) suddenly, ELDORADO CANYON PARK!!

There is one road that winds through the park. To the left was a steep mountain, to the right was a short cliff that revealed a rushing stream below. The road was narrow… if we had placed all our fattest passengers on the right side, our car might have toppled off the cliff, but we would have at least seen beauty before death. The road followed the stream until we were level with the water and the road stopped at a closed visitor center.

I was a caged Pikachu suddenly released. I wanted to touch and climb everything! We ran to the stream, leaped around the rocks, and just screamed at the fresh air. Because of all the trees, cliffs, and rocks, many of the trails were hidden… but one path led over a bridge and you could hear the furious stream rushing below. We passed a mini cave… above I saw straps embedded in the rock which past climbers would use to help get up. (Mini background: the park’s website says it has over 500 rock climbing routes… makes sense with all the cliffs there)

The park was gorgeous. The scenery was a photographer’s paradise. We had to share the park with only two other people– we owned the mountains! We didn’t get far on the trail– the “older people” weren’t prepared to hike. After being surrounded with computer screens, Taco Bells, and Hondas for so long, I could only wish I could stare at the mountains longer. For real, God is a freakin’ artist. I’m sure that even the most Twitter-addicted psycho wouldn’t help but feel “thankful” or “appreciative” at seeing that park– and you gotta wonder WHY or TO WHOM do you feel “thankful” to?

Visit the beautiful park by clicking on my pictures

Daily admission: $6-7/car (yearly passes available)

9 Kneale Road
Eldorado Springs, CO 80025
(303) 494-3943

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