For one week, University of South Florida Asians have been smacking other cultures through food, dance, and games. It was USF’s Journey to the East celebration. (You dance hip-hop? Filipinos will show you hip-hop! You like noodles? Club ASIA will MAKE you noodles!) It was a way to proclaim talents while welcoming new students (black hair or not) back to campus.

But I’m talking about the grand finale to the weeklong celebration… the Journey to the East Banquet. NOTE: Although I am very involved with the Asian orgs at USF, I’m gonna write this like some newbie who was just invited to the banquet because I moved recently from Europe.

For an event that took over the entire student center ballroom, the area was decently decorated– but that was expected from a student budget trying to maintain a free event while keeping a semi-formal atmosphere. When the food was being served, all 50 tables were filled with people while clusters of others were wondering where to sit. You could sample a selection of noodle dishes, fried rice, meats and veggies… even good sushi! The success of the Banquet’s reach obviously didn’t extend to the food as the servings began to dwindle down after only two-thirds of the guests were served.

As for the performances… I had my luggages packed for a journey to the East… not America’s Got Talent. There were only two truly cultural performances while the majority of the show went towards singing with an accompanying instrument. ARGH, as talented as these singers may have been, talk about BORING! (Grrrrrr, I think my next blog will be on how boring I think most local singers are and how to TRULY impress me with singing)

By the time the headline singer performed, more than 80% of the audience had disappeared. I honestly blame it on the slow singing and loss of food.

Overall, the Banquet was a decent experience, and I’m sure next year’s event will definitely show a learning from past mistakes. Meanwhile, if I want a true journey to the East, I think I’ll find more of it at the local Chinese fast food.

Click on my pictures to view my EHHhhhhh photos of the banquet

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  1. Catherine Lim says:

    I agree. Despite the fact that the musicians were talented, JE definitely needs more culture based performances. Nice article 🙂

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