Suddenly, a visit to Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom seems inevitable.

The Magic Kingdom recently debuted it’s newest nightly show– The Magic, The Memories, and You. Forget the fireworks dancing to music. Instead, the already magical kingdom aimed for MUCHO impressive by using groups of projectors to display pictures, colors, and graphics onto the park’s most famous landmark… Cinderella’s castle of course.

At first hearing the description… it sounds lame doesn’t it? Gimme my fireworks back! Since a picture paints a thousand words, let’s just condense a million words by just watching the video below from Orlando Attractions Magazine.

Get past the blurriness after the first minute… I LOVE the crayon effect at 6:10 and the old movie feel at 7:00.

True, a good portion of that show I was thinking “yawn, smiling kids who all look the same.” (Fun information– the show will vary slightly each night because the photos projected are real pictures taken from Disney PhotoPasses shot that day.) I’d rather see the castle going through the incredible color and mood changes than see pictures of smiling brats. At times I felt like I was watching a movie clip of the castle going through a bit of adobe movie magic… but no… no CGI here… just projectors.

And I still got my wish– fireworks! (You can’t have a complete Disney experience without fireworks) Add to that another catchy original song and a crazy, inventive way of making the castle look like it’s going through Animorph-like changes… I can forgive the overabundant pictures of kids.

Bravo Disney! Another magical show!

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