Fish stabbed by bird's beakAh, a nice calming walk through Tampa’s Lettuce Lake park. Ah, a tiny picnic while catching the free entertainment of inspiring ROTC youth playing football.

Until… a fish got stabbed! I stumbled upon a lucky (or unlucky) long-necked bird that had stabbed a poor, poor fish with its beak, but the fish would not slip off! The bird’s head thrashed in a sad attempt to eat its prize. It was like having a donut glued to your forehead but your hands are too small to grab it… really. For at least five minutes this lucky (or unlucky) bird tried to fling that fish off its beak.


Does anyone else have that Thanksgiving bloated feeling? I pulled out my camera at the right moment it seems. Didn’t its mommy bird tell him not to stuff so much food down at once?

Please pass the knife.


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