Forget the t-rex, now you can watch the prince slay the dragon.

It’s almost magnetic, everybody who passes the Legoland store in Orlando’s Downtown Disney Marketplace has to whip out their cameras and grin tooth buckets. Besides reliving childhood memories at the creation stations, the many models and tall replicas beg to be photographed.

Seven Dwarfs in LegosNow there’s more reasons to be Lego happy.

The store recently went through a makeover such as boasting new figures in the front. The smiling dragon in the water is still there, but now he’s accompanied by Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the Sleeping Beaty’s Prince, and Toy Story characters.


Although the outside Lego creation stations got smaller, the store experienced a growth spurt. Inside, there are now more areas to be creative- including interactive computers. There’s more miniature replicas and a whole wall dedicated to Lego Star Wars.

Creation stations with computersAnd for people who only like red Legos or those long skinny pieces, there’s still that room to pick-and-choose the pieces in your own collection.

Wow- for a Tuesday evening, Downtown Disney was kicking. (And I know Florida schools are still in session YOU SKIPPERS!)

Visit the remodeled Legoland store with me.

Legoland store in Downtown Disney
1672 East Buena Vista Drive
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
Phone: (407) 828-0065

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