FORGET FACEBOOK– TRY FAITHBOOK (holy facebook parody)

… and I might as well throw in a Pokemon reference at the end.

((This is based on the introduction to a talk I gave for Singles For Christ Tampa’s recent CLP))

Is living the Christian life really that hard?
What Christ-loving whiners people are. Now you can pity other minority religions because Christianity has received (Eucharistic pause) FaithBook!

Yes– it sounds like you’re saying that other social network with a lisp. But this is better because it’s your “soul” network.

Login. Look– Jesus wants to be your friend. St. Therese wants to be your friend. So does St. Matthew! Accept them all and WOW they are ALWAYS with you.
Hey! Satan wants to be my friend too? Just press “not now” and you never have to get tempted by him again.
You don’t poke on FaithBook– you send prayers. Hey look… I have four prayers from friends. Nice.

It’s easy to add rosary, devotions, scripture apps. Everything’s integrated. Accept. Accept. Accept. That’s it.

FaithBook is awesome! I didn’t know Christianity could be this easy!

If only… if only…

Being a good, little Christian is difficult. It seems like everything and everyone is against us. That’s why I’m telling all Christians to LEVEL UP!

Confused? Every time you grow in the Holy Spirit (who empowers us), you level up. So where is your Holy Spirit power? Have you evolved yet?

It’s important to level up because if you’re a poor little LV-24 Christian and you suddenly face a LV-64 Scientologist, who will win? Or worse… a LV-73 peach mojito?

Level up… ENGAGE

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