Peep in "happier" times.

Will Peep ever find happiness?

In keeping with the strange habits of teenagers [insert animal name, verb, and body part here] my brother drags a small, dumb, chick plush wherever he goes. Mostly for cuddles, Peep also occasionally shows up in pictures to prove his owner was there (and ladies? that’s why he’s single.)

Naturally, Peep accompanied Brother Bamboo to Tampa Bay and enjoyed a few days of sunshine. An hour into the long ride back home, my sisters and I received a frantic call that Peep was left behind… at my sisters’ place! Please don’t throw him, don’t give him away, please please please please take care of Peep until I return.

Peep again in happier times.

Meanwhile, Peep seemed to have left Brother Bamboo on purpose because he somehow found a way to hide deep inside a couch. Please don’t return me to him. Please keep me! Show me sanity!

We had to promise to our brother that Peep will be returned to him eventually.

Soon I will inherit the orphaned plush chick. Currently I’m debating whether to show compassion to one of God’s creatures or act in a way all older sisters show to stuffed animals of little brothers.

Sister Milkshake already took this photo to assure Peep’s safety at her hands…

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  1. Viet says:

    Aww. Don’t be so mean to it. Would you feel any better if it was a garden gnome instead?

    I have a few plushes that I rarely carry around. I don’t use them to substitute myself however. I use them to substitute lamers that Shouldve been here with me.

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