Experiencing Tampa’s first Food Truck rally.

Click picture to visit the Rally

The organizers (and participants) obviously didn’t anticipate the appeal of the Food Truck Rally. The Hyde Park Presbyterian Church’s parking lot had transformed into “opening day for the Harry Potter ride at Universal Studios”– chaotic, hot, sweaty, excited chattering, and loud complaints. I wished for more obvious entertainment, but the background band and music got lots of rest

Despite entering Wicked Wiches’ line close to opening time, my party did not fully receive their food more than an hour later. Remember this is in the Florida heat. By then, most other trucks were already 86-ing items from their menu.
PYRA-dise involves eating– and I like GOOD food. Yes, I do get amused from eating contests or cupcakes designed like monsters… but I also dislike the sudden belief that everyone is a foodie resulted from a fad blown up by a quasi-talented slew of reality shows. I know I’m not a foodie and I don’t get an orgasm upon seeing a food truck, but a gathering of them was certainly a new situation to experience (and if you know my PYRA-dise, it’s ALL about the quantity of experiences)
Indeed, how many times did I hear the words “Food Truck Race on TV” on Saturday?


Click the pictures to visit the Rally with me

Through 10 “trucks” (some were stands) the variety of food choices were great… when still available: seafood, sandwiches, cupcakes, drink slushies, Mexican and more were present. Here’s my personal shout-out to the Michele-Faedos Truck. Despite delivering an gooey, ugly crab cake– it was very flavorful with strong spices (was that curry?), lots of breading (giving it a good size for $5), but what really entertained my crew was that lemony sting.

Now don’t throw hubcaps at me– while definitely above the boiled peanuts and falafel carts of New York, I sampled food from five places and believe these food truck foods are the same fad, novelty, and cloth as State Fair food– just without the rides. Foodies? Puh-lease.

I applaud the ability to deliver yummy eats to crowds from a kitchen the size of my bathroom and also understand the potential to instantly bring good food from following a crowd, but are food trucks here to stay? In Tampa Bay… yes… kind of… face it– the city’s design, rules, and flow of people are not ideal, but as long as the owners are smart and continue delivering fast, novelty food, the sheep will be there.

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