Why do most Asians seem to run away from “Asian expos?”
Does it seem stereotypical to be seen at one? I was disappointed no one asked me to make a “V” sign with my fingers and demonstrate my limited Tae Kwon Do skills that kills.

Asia Trend Magazine hosted its second annual Asian Cultural Expo (inside the awesomely fun Downtown Disney)

Did I mention tiny? The expo’s size was obviously not reflecting how many Chinese are overtaking the world—just a handful of tents. But wait… didn’t I see dozens of tents? Perhaps not coincidently, dragon boat races were taking place nearby along the Disney waterfront. The tents served as the home base for teams from all over the country.

Although there were only a few Asian-loving tents, the stage was the Expo’s focus. I cheered as the Filipino team from UCF showed off some of my country’s dances (sprinkled with humor). I clapped at the Malaysian cultural performances, Japanese fans, Tai Chi and Chinese yo-yo workshops among many others. (The yo-yo workshop WOULD’VE been fun if it weren’t for my show-off Thai partner Pij who managed to make all beginners look like manatees)

The headliners were the always entertaining Taiko drummers— a crazy crowd of people ranging from recent toddlers to senior citizens and all still managing to beat drums in unison.

Just as entertaining were the continuous dragon boat races. Watching those graceful boats glide by through the power of paddles dancing to a drum beat made me want to join them in the water. Ah… maybe someday.

And of course… there’s still all the Legos, Mickey ears and restaurants of Downtown Disney to explore when you’re done.

Next year, I hope the expo grows in size (because I’d also love to also LOOK at Asian culture within some tents—who wants to sell bonsai trees?), hire me as the MC, and have even more performances! And next year… I hope to see you there! (… and especially you Asians)

Meanwhile, visit the expo by clicking on my pictures

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  1. Tawana Ragon says:

    It?s genuinely an excellent and helpful piece of details. I’m pleased which you shared this valuable info with us. Please maintain us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Shally Wong says:

    Pyra, thank you for sharing your comment and I would like to get your permission to reprint this article in my upcoming Asia Trend Magazine November issue. I always like to have readers share their experience. I will email you. Thanks, again. BTW, about selling Bonsai, Disney would not approve. My goal is to make a real Asian EXPO. Am I there yet? I think I still need to work on a more flexible location which can allow Asian Cuisine…

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