When will the hype end… another food truck rally?


NO! I refuse to be one of those squealing foodie-wannabes who react to Food Trucks in the same way a middle school cheerleader faints upon seeing the Biebs. I shouldn’t… I shouldn’t… Wait… Dena is going too? Suddenly the image of me spending a Saturday morning alone reading a sci-fi and eating leftover noodles seemed… sad.


Cucumber mint on the left... Strawberry on the right (Whatever Pops)

And that’s how I found myself surrounded by about 20 mobile kitchens. Unlike Tampa’s last attempt to beat DisneyWorld in creating the longest lines for the shortest entertainment, Tampa’s Food Truck Rally version TWO was hands-down a better experience. More trucks… shorter lines… cooperating weather… more places to relax… and more visible entertainment.

With more time, I was able to sample tidbits from many different areas… but these were the most memorable:



Ceviche from Tacos Ceviche (I swear that was the name on the “truck.”— the freshness of the lime, cilantro, tomatoes and onions created a delicious mix, but I wished for a greater variety of meat. I love my fish and shrimp… but it would’ve been cooler to add the texture and flavor of other seafood.


Spicy tuna bowl from Fish Out of Water—Umm… we’re Asian snobs… and this is sushi from a truck… would we be disowned if we enjoyed it? Then disown us! Besides creating a highly photogenic meal, the bowl was deliciously spicy and the tuna could’ve easily wrestled with the best of restaurants.

The beautiful (and tasty) Spicy Tuna Bowl

Various popsicles from Whatever Pops—But the cucumber mint really loved me back. With an unusually “cool” and “leafy” taste and gritty texture, I loved it! This little pushcart featured more naturally created and crazy mixtures.

And everything tastes better when eaten on a picnic blanket above the grass.

With representatives for Mexican, burgers, cupcakes, soup, slushies, jerk chicken, sushi, Cuban and more… there was something for everyone.

I still firmly believe Food Trucks are an overhyped novelty—a top-notch food court on wheels minus the shopping or carnival rides. But judging from the way the flocks milled around, it was still a good experience that allowed the norms to taste a variety of food in one location.

Visit Tampa’s second Food Truck Rally by clicking through my pictures.
And show some love to Ms. Dena’s blog—she focuses on the foodie part of this whole experience

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  1. Dena says:

    🙂 this rally was actually very fun, I was expecting stressful waits but we had a pretty good stroll 😀 thanks for coming!

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