…kayaking I mean! Duhhhhh what else could I be talking about?

Pyra getting ready to paddle
I'm ready to work my way down the Springs

Even though traveling to Weeki Wachee Springs from St. Petersburg, FL is parallel to hiking in a rainstorm through a desert (is there a town-wide ban on Taco Bells and Sweetbay Supermarkets?) the sudden increase of greenery and decrease of struggles to breathe were very welcoming. The trees suddenly opened up to reveal the famed water park of Weeki Wachee’s famous mermaids… and launching site of our kayaking adventure.

I’ve been here before but in a hard-to-manage, clunky unbalanced canoe… kayaks are kindergarten breezy by comparison. Wait, there’s many places to kayak around the Bay– why Weeki Wachee? True, but compared to the fertilizer happy, water-that-looks-darker-than-my-hair-during-a-blackout, swamps of the Bay, Weeki Wachee’s spring water is clear and clean. You WANT to swim in it.

And that we did.

Swinging from a rope swing
I didn't get as much height as I thought

The journey through the Springs is fun. Many kind water-lovers of the past had already strung small piers, Tarzan swings and ladders along the water. It didn’t matter no one else was swimming… nature was my playground. Plus the springs of Weeki Wachee create a thin river with a slight current (making it easier for kayak noobs to travel) and Thai partner Pij and I just followed the water.


Gorgeous, clear water right?

Other travelers and even homeowners along the water were happy to offer tips. Manatees swimming through the springs is a big draw… but alas, Pij and I were early during our November visit. In wanting to go kayaking while it was still warm, we were trading our comfort for missing the manatees who go to the springs when the weather turns cold.

It’s more than kayaking, Weeki Wachee is clear water, swimming water, fish everywhere… a natural playground. I’m putting down my Nintendo games… I have a strong urge to buy a kayak.

Another alas, my three-year-old “waterproof” camera decided it was time to abruptly retire… thus resulting in only a few pictures of my trip. But if you want to come kayaking with me… just click on my pictures or here.

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