Yellow and alone. The tiny duckling was lost. Everything he had come to recognize had been ripped from him: a demanding master, the constant walls of a denim pocket, the humiliation of being summoned for the sole purpose of entertainment.

A slave.

Life suddenly changed when the plush Peep’s owner, Brother Bamboo, accidently left “his possession” with me. Under Pyra’s care a new world suddenly opened up for Peep.

Trying delicious fresh salsas
Peep relaxing with some cabernet sauvignon

Instead of eating pocket lint, Peep was treated to new flavors and textures.

Taking in a true BIRD'S-eye view of the Pier

He has explored St. Petersburg, Fl like a native and explorer.

Peep wasn’t just the entertainment anymore. He WAS the entertained.

But happiness like this never lasts long. The wave of emotion tilted the other way when Peep’s true master was called into Pyra’s domain via marching band competition. Reluctantly, Peep freshened up and clothed in his best for Brother Bamboo’s return.

Clothed and ready to return to his master

Never underestimate a master’s love for his slave. Brother Bamboo was near tears upon receiving Peep and ran away without giving his sister a hug.

… and never underestimate a slave’s love for his master. Perhaps it’s the Stockholm syndrome effect, but even clothed in the most recent duckling fashion, Peep never glanced back at me.

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