Ever wondered what your shoes see?

My poor blue shoes. Less than 24 hours after trading them for my credit card, I forced them to sweat in the Florida sun while walking laps around the Universal Studios Resort… the price for acting fame.

This is my first attempt at capturing video like this—but I hope to make more Point of View videos from the soles of my shoes. Like I said… this is my first attempt, but now I know its potential, please expect BETTER CREATIVE footage from my shoes and not just a lot of legs and flip-flops.

This is a quick walk through (literally) of Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure in Orlando, FL… and since I didn’t want any copyright infringement problems with music… there’s just whistling of the theme songs.

POV of my New Blue Shoes took 2nd place at Theme Park Insider’s first video contest. (Although I’ll admit, the 1st placer deserved it—they totally tugged at those emotional strings)

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