The big, beige ALDI grocery bag stared back at me; a lifeless piece of cloth. Another day had passed with it hauling vegetables and sauces to my door. It was begging to be renewed.

Why can’t I look like some fashionable-wannabe diva while reaching for the tomato sauce? I got inspired from this awesome Guacamole-recipe-toting tote bag I saw online. Here’s a fun, cheap and easy way make your own version and transform that HUGE, reusable bag (less than $2 at ALDI) into a cute and quirky tote bag showing off ingredients to a stir-fry I like; and LOOK, I’m helping the environment too!

(1) tube of fabric paint (I used a Tulip-branded 4oz Red from Wal-mart – you’ll use less than half. I’ll dub this Color #1)
(1) tube of contrasting-colored fabric paint (dubbed Color #2– I used Black)
(1) paintbrush – optional
(1) disposable painting tray – optional
(1) reusable, cloth grocery bag (mine is from ALDI)

How to:
1.) Spread out newspapers to protect your floor from paint. Place your bag on top of it.

2.) Using Color #1, do a “blob” outline around any markings or logos on one side of the bag. This is a “blob.” It doesn’t have to be a perfect shape.

3.) Fill in that outline with paint from Color #1 (use paintbrush if you want). Paint OVER the logos so NO PREVIOUS MARKINGS are visible. Dry.

4.) Using Color #1, in block letter outlines, write out the ingredients all over the bag’s surface. Vary the sizes and styles. If the letters run into the blobs from steps 2 & 3, write the rest of the letters in Color #2. (So while most of the letters are in Color #1, any letters and parts of letters that go over the shapes will be in Color #2 instead)

5.) Fill in the letter outlines with the appropriate colors. (Color #1 for letters outside the blob shapes and Color #2 for letters that fall on top of the blob shapes) Use the paint brush and tray if you want or just draw directly onto the bag with the paint tube. Let it dry.

6.) Rock it! Fill it with beach clothes, textbooks… or 50 packs of Ramen!

One Comment Add yours

  1. Dena says:

    Loveee this!!! I want one and I love your selection of words 😀

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