I blame my parents for not teaching us how to relax. Massages, spas, or sitting back is not in our vocabulary. Life is short… experience!

So I wasn’t surprised when sis Milkshake wanted us to go on vacation—but “it has to be active!” Unlike our working friends who are sitting on top of money by still living with their families, Milkshake and I pay for everything—so we also needed to be money cautious.

BAM! Out of the sky drops our aunt’s offer of using her cabin in the Big Bear Lake area while she was out-of-country. Free room? Sure!

Satellite view of Big Bear

Big Bear California? “Why aren’t you going during winter?” EVERY SINGLE friend has whined to us. “So you can go snow boarding!” Good freakin’ gosh—it’s almost cliché. And then nobody can suggest anything else to do other than that exclamation point after snow boarding. (Typical tourists) Now my dear readers… EXPERIENCERS are different… we’ll find an experience in everything and we’ll enjoy it all.

Mountain biking, day hiking, visiting abandoned mines, jumping off boulders into the water—we have an active trip planned.

Shopping spree startedNot to mention my overly excited self went on a mild shopping spree—I’m sure I won’t use half of it. Plus Mother Nature gave us an extra defense boost as my sister and I will supposedly have our… uhh… gifts while there. Survival gear aside, I say WOE to any would-be rapists, growling bear, thief, or rabid raccoon who’ll try to cross two ladies on their… gifts.

Expect a few documents of the journey it takes to prepare for this type of trip– it takes a few weeks of planning. After all, this ain’t a relaxation vacation!

Hiking boots. Check
Whistle (you know…)
First Aid kit.
Good to go.

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