This isn’t about my geocaching experience—I’ll save my failure as a geocacher for another time. This is my attempt to be like the “cool kids” of geocaching– I attended my first local event (They exist!)

Let me sum it up: Geocaching event in the form of a Star Wars 15-minute flash mob.

Ummm... I'm the only person who dressed up. Oh well. (In the background you can see random "lightsabers")
Ummm… I’m the only person who dressed up. Oh well. (In the background you can see random “lightsabers”)

In honor of “MAY the FOURth be with you” (May 4 event) we were told to meet near the designated coordinates and pretend to be like normal park-goers. Although I’d never met any other geocachers before, from my point of view, we looked soooooo obvious—a bunch of random people hanging out near a hill, some wearing geocaching shirts, AND I saw the occasional flash of a lightsaber—but on this busy and packed Saturday, I guess we did just seem like normal people enjoying the park.

The youngest Geocacher out there
The youngest Geocacher out there

Suddenly— flashing lights as the organizer (“Jedireitz”) ran up the top of the hill (there’s hills in Pinellas County?) with his Darth-Maul-dual lightsaber in hand. The signal! The teen girls who were nearby had their mouths drop open as they watched a bunch of random people suddenly trek up the hill with “lightsabers” upraised. Thankfully I wasn’t the only person who’d never owned a toy Star Wars weapon as more than half of the attendees waved spatulas, brooms, umbrellas (a pair of Arnis sticks between Socs and me) during their climb.

At the hilltop it became a name drawing for GC prizes, group picture, Milky Way chocolate bars, a few words, and disperse.

Thus ended my first Geocaching event in less than 15 minutes.

The group really was random with a few teens, kids, young adults and middle-agers in the mix. Don’t be surprised thinking the “white haired-folk” didn’t know their technology because they made up a good half of the attendance; and obviously you need to know how to work the website and GPS to go geocaching.

Thank you “JediReitz” for allowing me to meet the other local nerds who get a high from finding random containers and depressed when we get stumped by a DNF. I was amused by all the camaraderie most of the GC-ers already had. My shy-ness prevented me from mingling well, but I totally intend on breaking that barrier during the next event.

Click on any photo to view my pictures of the event—well… most of them are of Socs and I enjoying the park.

Geocache Event: Bring Your Lightsabers!
Seminole Park
Seminole FL
May 4, 2013


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