Seeking an “enthusiastic traveler.”
Seeking someone ready to represent Jauntaroo.
Seeking someone who wants to “leave a place better than they found it.”

This is plagiarism right? Somehow the executives of travel website Jauntaroo obtained my life’s profile and copied it word for word in their upcoming contest to fill their position of “Chief World Explorer.”

Jauntaroo - St Pete Background

But I won’t hold it against Jauntaroo because I intend to fill that position… therefore it wouldn’t be plagiarism anymore (Or so I’ll have them believe). I fully intend to capture this “best job in the world” while doing good deeds in every location they send me to. I’m ready to type more experiences while sipping African ginger beer in some remote town then get up early the next morning to assist in building a school. RA RA RA to me! (Cough) Did I mention I’m also a one-lady show when it comes to filming, photography, editing, and blogging?

ARGH! Rather than have this blog transform into an extension of my resume, here’s my video entry showing what it’s like to experience St. Petersburg, FL. And yes… once again my shoes make an appearance (you can’t go anywhere without feet)

Jauntaroo - Postcards
Click on this image to get taken to the site. THAT’s where you “like” it.

Please support my candidacy by “liking” my video. Just click on any of my images above.

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