Bum ba da daaaaaa! TSING!
(That’s the rumble of a bass drum followed by a cymbal in case you couldn’t figure that out)

Introducing… EczeMAD!

EczeMAD will be my video blog about living and dealing with eczema (Read here). I plan to produce those short videos alongside this blog. Both the typed and the video will complement each other.

EczeMAD cartoon

I like writing. I prefer it.
But there’s some things you just can’t quite capture with words.
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then imagine how many a video is worth.
Woohooohoo I know by going on YouTube I’m really putting my skin out there. I’ve watched videos as simple as an animal dancing– and the video’s comments would range from supportive to downright hideous- the YouTube community can sometimes be crazy. But at the same time I hope this will be therapeutic for me as well as create a community with other ‘itchy skin friends.’

And as always– I’ll most likely be inconsistent in posting videos. So please be patient.

So follow me as I rant and muse, experiment and succeed, and try and fail through my life with severe eczema… and hopefully heal.


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  1. The struggle is so real. Sometimes I feel like I am leaving some weird Hansel and Grettle trail behind me. Back in high school i would leave a pile of flakes on the floor surrounding every desk I sat at. It can be really humiliating.

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