On November 26, 2016 Pyra-Danny and Fiance Shoes got married. This is the first part of their honeymoon travels to southwest Texas: Big Bend National Park, Terlingua Ghost Town, Study Butte, Big Bend Ranch State Park, and Alpine, TX.

Why did we choose to visit Southwest Texas for our Honeymoon? Why not sunbathing  on the sandy coasts of Turks and Caicos or drinking Cabernet in Napa. I mean… it’s a Honeymoon! You know… romance, baby-producing experiences, etc. Why Southwest Texas?

Our honeymoon to this middle-of-nowhere place wasa intoxicatingly romantic. I’ll try not to cause you some eye-rolling (oh Pyra-Danny is SO not a romance poet) but we grew enamored of that wild place which pushed us to be enamored with each other.

Middle of nowhere but with elevation [Why did we choose southwest Texas for our Honeymoon? | PyraDannyExperiences.com]

The isolation.

Hubby Shoes (Aiiiiii, he’s now ‘Hubby!’ not ‘Fiance!’)and I are far from being tree-huggers or outdoorsmen,  but as we entered Terlingua and Big Bend National Park, we enjoyed the escape from civilization. We were leaving behind problems, pollution, noise, and crowds. We were escaping together.

There were many times when we were the only ones on the road. In the sunlight we’d climb over rocky paths and sit on boulders admiring the beauty of nature without distractions. At night we’d retreat to our comfortable RV AirBnB where we had no internet or reception. We’d lie on the outside bed…yes, outside!… and look up at the multitude of stars. Our nearest neighbor was hundreds of feet away and in between our comfy homes was a stretching landscape of mini canyons and dunes.

We were forced to get back to basics. Hubby Shoes and I talked. We played card games. We cooked together. We even had to rely on each other to get to destinations in the park- forget the GPS, it was good ol’ map reading and sign awareness.

Okay… but… seriously… Big Bend? Southwest Texas?

When we’d answer our family and friends’ Honeymoon questions, 99% of people would return a blank look. Or some would hear the ‘Big Bend’ part and think we were visiting the Big Ben clock in London. Even some transplanted friends from Texas had no idea.

How did we find it? Honestly, the wedding had eaten a chunk of our money so we wanted a low-cost destination… like an American national park. Since our wedding was late November, we wanted a place that was still warm in early December. Our research revealed only two parks fitting the criteria… the Everglades and Big Bend. As much as I am a proud Floridian, I wasn’t pledging allegiance to the Sunshine State by only considering the Everglades- plus we’ve been there numerous times. Big Bend National Park in Southwest Texas… sure! We’ll take it!

Part of the appeal came from the unexpected. Since our family/friends had never visited that area, there were no Instagram photos of them next to the scenery. Nobody told us, “While you’re there, you have to try…” In a decision that could’ve ended disastrously, Hubby Shoes and I decided we’d only research our housing and transportation accommodations. That’s it.

… and it all paid off. Not just in the obvious Honeymoon ways either (wink wink), but we grew to love the unexpected. We were pleasantly surprised at every turn. Before Yellowstone or Chicago or any other places we’ve traveled, Hubby Shoes and I have already declared we will visit south west Texas again. Someday.

We’re enamored.

The isolation.

The freedom.

We’re wild.

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On November 26, 2016 Pyra-Danny and Fiance Shoes got married. This is the first part of their honeymoon travels to southwest Texas: Big Bend National Park, Terlingua Ghost Town, Study Butte, Big Bend Ranch State Park, and Alpine, TX.
To read my introduction of taking a honeymoon to this area of Texas (this story). A whole day was dedicated to travel here from Florida (read here) as well as to Terlingua (read here), but we finally saw the southeast area of the Park (here) as well as the southwest (here). We also explored by canoe (here) and around Alpine (here).

10 Comments Add yours

  1. Paige Wunder says:

    What a perfect spot for a honeymoon! I just made my first visit to Southwest Texas in February and it was absolutely amazing! Did you make it to Marfa?! I loved Big Bend so much!

    1. Pyra-Danny says:

      Noooo we were debating for a long time whether to visit Marfa since we had 48 hours around Alpine… Unfortunately it was the ONLY 48 hours of the whole trip where it showered cold rain the whole time.

  2. Omg this is so awesome!! I’m from Dallas haha

    1. Pyra-Danny says:

      Hello Dallas from St. Pete, Fl! I’m glad you enjoyed the post

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