“This is the story of boy meets girl… he broke her heart then she ROCKED HIS WORLD!”

I swear this year, Busch Garden’s Howl-O-Scream designed its theme specifically for me. (Sigh… I’m a cute rocker who chops the fingers off my exes)

Rather than waste your exciting life (Hey, I don’t MAKE you read this blog) debating Howl-o-Scream vs Halloween Horror Nights, I’ll save that war for when I actually visit the later in a few weeks… heh heh… because I know I’ll have LOTS TO SAY!!! (On price, theme, experience, cute guys, my left boot, etc etc)

Somehow, I ended up going with a group of 21, college-aged, happy people. Despite going to buy beer, snacks, bathroom breaks, or searching for a missing person every five minutes, somehow we managed to visit all seven houses and watch two of three shows… and this is our adventure through my somewhat chinky-eye linered eyes.

The Houses
Out of the seven houses, six were repeats of last year. Despite a minor change in the names, I barely saw any changes inside.
NightShade Toys: Son of NightShade
I got pissed on in the hallway filled with creepy, naked dolls and wondered whether my Pikachu doll fetish would eventually lead to my future house looking like this. Hint: Don’t rush the swirling vortex at the end. Instead, drink lots of beer, spin in a circle, then enter… or at least get your friends to do that instead.
Deconstruction: The Doctor is Out of Control
My nurse friends all lit up at the anatomy posters in the waiting line… (sigh) nerds. There are some “Saw”-disturbing scenes inside, but I mostly recall many flashing, techno lights.
Death Row Vengeance: No Escape
Most memorable is looking up past the prison cells to the floating spirits above… and thinking that the cellmates yelling at you below from behind bars stay behind the bars. (Hint: They don’t)
Trapped in Walls: Ghostchasers
I don’t understand the big, inflated condom-looking thing up front. Two years ago this was one of my favorites… Now, not enough scareactors were inside and all the bloody-house-murder scenes looked cheesier than I remembered.
Taste of Blood: A Different Vein
Where did all the vampires go? Oh well, the walkthrough was suspiciously dark and eerily decorated which provided some blinding scares.
DEDer: Extreme Rush
Corny house full of “deadly” sorority chicas. Come on, daintily whacking a shirtless guy who’s tied to the top of a bed? Oh well, the guys in my group were more scared that those torture scenes wouldn’t happen to them!
MyX: Revenge Rocks
This new house was too short with not enough scares, although the whole backstage concert thing was nicely created. A nice touch were the people outside the house wandering around with signs condemning rock music.

This show is a staple featuring the icons of old Halloween legends singing and dancing to popular songs. Igor is the crazy assistant who’s jokes revolve around pop-culture… or humping the air. This year, minor changes were added that renewed my amazement at the show. Heh heh, it involves the new naughty nurses. (Cough) and geez, I still can’t help but stare at the old naughty nurses and be slightly jealous.
Blood Relations
This new show involves a lineup of pop culture icons who have gathered to read the will of a deceased relative… if Lady Gaga, Tiger Woods, Miley Cyrus, Brett Michaels, and Justin Bieber were all related. Naturally, lots of singing, dancing, and a pumpkin-crap-filled full of humor.
Definitely visit Howl-O-Scream on any night between the 2nd-4th week of operation. Any longer and you’re just ASKING for lines.
Click my pics to view my rockin’ yet simplified album (cough: I had to passwordify my real album because my friends may have been too crazy that night)
Separate ticket required for Busch Gardens Tampa
On select Thurs- Sat nights
Cheapest tickets:
Thursday- $20/ea (if you buy 4+)
Fri/Sat- $30 (if you have a BGT pass)

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