That’s like asking, “Can eating vegetables lead to capturing a Toshiba in Madagascar?”

That's me in 65 degree weather.

It didn’t matter whether unusually chilly winds strangled Florida or the hot sun beat down… For the past year, I wore a jacket everyday. I mourn being unable to show off my awesome-est, professional outfits. The only clothes anybody ever saw me in was one of three jackets and my mittens (yes—my hands would sometimes hurt from the cold) My coworkers probably don’t even know I’m a girl because the jackets shield my shape.

True—I’m a brown-skinned Floridian with Philippine blood. That means I can hop in the oven and cook a pizza before getting burned, but I’m sure even a frosty-blooded Russian won’t be able to focus on work in 65 degree temperatures. I’d rather be curled in a comforter drinking hot tea.

So Pyra, you’re covered head-to-toe from the cold… how does that lead to skin cancer?

As soon as I take a lunch break, I skip the break room and head outside. No shade—I eat and just soak up the sun’s heat: I’m a sponge that gets dropped in water. I watch tourists scrambling for air conditioning—wusses! I’ve been so frozen from the office that it often takes 45 minutes before I’ve thawed and start to get uncomfortable in the heat. Several times I’ve returned to my desk with a headache from the sun.

I’ve read that 15 minutes is the most someone should spend in direct sunlight. I’ve read the sun is the reason for skin aging and damaging… but I can’t stop. I’m so frozen I don’t feel discomfort until it’s too late. Plus, I hear ladies get cold easier than guys—darn, testosterone producers.

I’m trying to eat lunch now in a tree’s shade. I still get the heat, but not direct sunlight. Will this help?

I’m PYRA… I’d rather set fire to all the paper files in my office than bear cold. Does anyone else go through this torture?

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  1. Viet says:

    No, as I work from 11pm till 7am. We get no sunlight. Everybody forgets about us and the AC winds down, making parts of the room hot. We have fans, but as it gets closer to sunrise, the room becomes freezing.

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