The fro-yo revolution has begun in Naples… kind of…

No, no, don’t ask me what frozen yogurt (aka fro-yo) is or what it’s made of. Is it healthy? How do they get yogurt into machines? I DON’T KNOW. I just eat.

People like customizing their phones, cars, and voicemail (in that order). Why should dessert be different? Frozen yogurt has clobbered cupcakes as the latest trend (probably because you can’t customize a cupcake) The sudden surge of fro-yo cafes are popping up to fulfill this trend. Most are self-serve. You plop your fro-yo flavor(s) into a cup, scoop in a variety of toppings, then pay by the ounce. (About .43 – .55)

One would think Naples, FL (heaven of oldies with money, teenagers begging for places to hang out, and families looking for cheap yet hip places to dine) would have a pre-schooler’s disease count of frozen yogurt cafes. The number is enough for this small city… but the experience is nowhere similar to the rash of fro-yo places in other Florida cities.


Inside Spins In Downtown Naples

Spin Frozen Yogurt
643 5th Avenue South, Naples FL

Freakin’ cheap (.39 an ounce!) and can be yummy if you overlook the obvious lower quality! (Fro-yo newbies probably won’t even notice this) But I did… NOOOOOO– there’s many good flavors here, but the texture is icy! It’s supposed to be thick and creamy! Did you replace my yogurt with soft serve ice cream? Blasphemy!

You Say When
Coastland Center Mall
Having a self-serve fro-yo place at the mall is a DUUUHHH idea… but who’s the wart-hole who set it as an exposed corner shop at the food court? I’ve never seen a more anal  group of employees. (my mall rat friends say they’re always like that) A grumpy lady offers free samples, but her every movement jerks as soon as someone approaches the fro-yo machines. As soon as you fill your cup she’s Big Brothering you then checking each machine for possible tampering– all unsmiling. Fro-yo texture is good, limited toppings… price is .49!!!


You Say When's Corner Store

9118 Strada Place #8165, Naples, FL
I admit I didn’t go to YogurBella in the classier part of Naples… but I know it’s not self-serve (which I think is the essence of fro-yo) and there is SO MUCH HATE on that it’s probably better I didn’t go.

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