Suddenly my skin turned the color of sun-burnt stones cross-lined with cement streaks. I was able to boldly stroll into the red-bricked concert hall because no one could see past my natural camouflage!…
Ummm yeah… I wish my true story of skin evolution sounded like something from X-Men but for the all the negativity surrounding eczema, it still sounds cool to me.

I’ve been pretty good since my allergy tests—no Gluten or Nuts. I’ve mostly avoided Coconut, Soy, Legumes, and Oranges. I’ve mostly dust mite-proofed my room but I’m still waiting on my mattress covers. And I still have my skin care routine.

Let me brag a moment. I’m the current reigning champion at my allergist’s office with a record IGE level of 24,000. (What is that? Read here) And my mucus test topped at 52%. (Hehe I don’t even know what that test is about but the Doc said most people with allergies only register at 2-4%). Come on… eczema does not allow me to brag much so I’ll take what I can get.

I’m trying to wean myself off Topical Steroids and it’s been almost two months. Has my eczema lessened? HELL NO! I’m still itching like there’s tiny soldiers trying to escape the prison of my skin.

Skin evolution?
From last year to February my skin tore easily. Red lines that looked like thicker, longer, paper cuts would cross my arms, legs, or neck from where I dared ease an itch. UGH—bed sheets and light-colored clothing suffered from the tiny wounds.
Then in the past couple months my skin got… thicker. It barely tears now. Gone are the paper cut wounds. But it’s still too early to credit any of my lifestyle changes.

That doesn’t mean the battle’s over.

My skin may be thicker, but maybe it’s to make up for all the paratroopers of dry skin I suddenly received. Sometimes I hate getting up from my dark, office chair at work because I look down and see a tiny pile of dry skin piled around like dandruff.

And the itching is just as bad. There has been no easing up there yet. At least my itchiest areas don’t have torn skin but instead look like huge rashes. The skin there is thicker, more folds, and often drier.

I’ll take this skin evolution over thinner skin (which I assume resulted from all that Steroid Cream use)

The Eczema Experience continues… what is the cause of all this itchiness? Hmmmm.

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